Golf Registration Network

Internet Based Golf Registration Software

Online Registration for Tournaments

Simple, Easy and Effective

Step 1 -- Create a Tournament or Outing in Golf Tournament Network

Step 2 -- Login to Golf Registration Network using your GTN username and password and set up an event

  • When setting up your event you can link the event to your Tournament
  • Place the registration link on your course web site or include within an email

Step 3 -- Collect fees into your Stripe account as golfers register for the event

  • Note, if you're a first time user you'll have to create or connect a Stripe account
  • Registrants can pay online with their credit card
  • Or, if you don't want to collect fees, just use it as a registration page (FREE)
  • As golfers register they are automatically added to your Tournament

Step 4 -- Run the Tournament

 Online Registration for Events

The Golf Registration Network is not only for golf tournaments, but can be used for any event where people register online to attend.   So, feel free to use it for dinners, luncheons, parties, conferences, reunions, etc...


For the Tournament or Event Manager

  • Provides for an unlimited number of events
  • Supports integration with the Golf Tournament Network and supports stand alone events
  • Allows you to choose what information you want to collect from registrant
    • Name, email, phone, address, birthday
  • Allows a registrant to sign up them self or their whole team
    • Allows for team sign up even if some team members are still to be determined
  • Optionally show registrant list to participants
  • Set the date you wish registrations to begin and the date you wish to close registrations
  • Supports multiple entry options such as Senior price, Regular price & Junior price
  • Provides option to setup add on items such as dinners, merchandise, contributions, etc...
  • Allows you to develop a graphical information page that is presented at the time of registration
  • Generates a link to a registration page that can be attached to the golf course web site or put within a marketing email
  • Generates a link to an event page listing all the golf course events for registrations and results, which can be attached to the course web site
  • Allows a maximum number of registrations per event to protect against an oversell
  • If paper form registration is allowed, it provides a feature to enter those people separately
  • Supports a season pass registration for multiple events
  • Sends an email notification each time a person registers
  • It includes a healthy number of management reports
For the Individual