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I hope you’re as excited as we are to get the 2022 golf season underway.  You may already have a handicap but if you do not, let me explain why you should.  How many times have you gotten to the first tee and someone in your group asked what your handicap was?  If you’re familiar with how they work, you’ve probably just thrown out a number that is similar to your average score (and do you really know what your average score is?) minus 72 or whatever par is on the course you normally play.  Then you make a few birdies (okay…not all of you make birdies) and then the next thing you know, you’re being called a sandbagger.  Having a handicap will allow you to fairly compare yourself with others who also have a handicap leveling the playing field and making it more fun.  You’ll also be able to play in most tournaments that require handicaps without having to scramble at the last second to give the tournament operator several scores so he/she can create one for you (believe me…this is a pain on tournament operators and some will not even do it requiring you to play as scratch).


Golf Handicap Network's Handicomp Golf Handicap System (HGHS) is a product that we are offering through our partnership with Golf Handicap Network. If you do not plan on competing in tournaments conducted by the Golf Association of Michigan or USGA or other State Golf Associations, this handicap is most likely for you. This handicap system will produce a functional base handicap that can be taken to most golf courses in the world and converted to a useable tee handicap that is specific to the course you are playing.  As a note, it is possible that some Country Clubs will not recognize this handicap if you are playing in a Member Guest tournament but I would think it would be very rare especially if I signed off as a PGA Golf Professional on your handicap for you which is sometimes required by Clubs around the country.

Your cost to join our HGHS Club is $15 for this year. For only $1.00 more you can also purchase the Golf Mobile Network App giving you access to all of these great features at your fingertips.

      We are planning to require a handicap index or base handicap in the following Treetops tournaments this year to increase the integrity of our events.


      • We’re Open Open

      • Couples Jamboree

      • Treetops Cup

      * Border War Cup

      • NMPGA Patriot Pro-am

      • Patriot Golf Day Shootout

      • Pepsi Charity Fall Invitational




      Kevin McKinley, PGA

      Director of Recreation

      PGA of America Patriot Award Winner (2017)

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      989-732-9858 F


      Treetops Resort

      3962 Wilkinson Road

      Gaylord MI  49735

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